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Publications ( Last 1 Year )

Twelve faculties have joined till now. The publication of faculties published over last one year are given below:

Sr. # Department Title Author Description
1 Physiology Assessment of brainstem auditory evoked potential in patients with type-II Diabetes Mellitus and its correlation with glycemic control. Dr. Krishna Laskar (Assistant Professor & Second author) International Journal of Health & clinical Research, 2021; 4(4):1-4[Accepted : 09 .02. 2021]
e-ISSN: 2590-3241. p-ISSN: 2590-325X
2.a. Anatomy Study of Morphometry of clavicle in East Indian population. Dr. Banani Kundu(Associate Professor & First Author) International journal of Anatomy, Radiology & Surgery. April 2021.
2.b. Anatomy Morphological variation of suprascapular notch in population of eastern India and its clinical significance. Dr. Banani Kundu (Associate Professor & First Author) International journal of Anatomy, Radiology & Surgery. April 2021.
3 Biochemistry Correlation between serum calcium & Vitamin D in post menopausal women. Dr. Mousumi Das (Assistant Professor & Corresponding author) International journal of scientific research. Volume II/Issue-1/Januray 2022. P-ISSN No.2277-8179/DOI:10.36106/ijsr
4.a. Community Medicine Self Care practice & its predictors amongst Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus patients on the out patient department of a tertiary hospital of Kolkata, Eastern India- A cross sectional study. Dr. Jayeeta Burman, (Assistant Professor & First Author) Journal of Family Medicine & Primary Care, published on 08. 04. 2021 J Family Med Prim Care 2021; 10: 1377-82
4.b. Community Medicine Is there any relationship between poor menstrual hygiene management and Anemia ? – A quantitative study among adolescent girls of the urban slum of Madhyapradesh. Dr. Jayeeta Burman, (Assistant Professor & First Author) International Journal of Community Medicine Year: 2021/ Volume:46/Issue:3/Page: 550-553. DOI: 10.4103/ijcm. IJCM_73_21.
5 Pediatrics Genetic characterization and phylogenetic variations of human adenovirus- F strains circulating in eastern India during 2017-2020 Sanat Kumar Ghosh (Professor & co-author). Journal of Medical Virology. Volume 93, Issue 11, November 2021, Pages 6180- 6190.