Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay Govt. Medical College & Hospital

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College : Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay Government Medical College & Hospital

Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay Government Medical College & Hospital is in the process of development in the phage-II of CSS scheme in Uluberia of Howrah district in the state of West Bengal as the sole medical college in the district. This new medical college has been started with 100 MBBS students in the session 2022-23. The medical college is being developed over two sites. The distance between the two sites is 2.6 km.

Site 1: Jaduberia campus

It is adjacent to National Highway no. 6 near Uluberia ESI Hospital over 7.26 acres of land (Address: Mouja-Jaduberia, L R No: 1356, P.O- Uluberia, Dist- Howrah). This campus is to accommodate the medical college complex comprising of

1. G+6 Academic Building,

2. G+9 Boys’ Hostel for students, internees and residents,

3. G+9 Girls’ Hostel for students, internees and residents,

4. G+9 Teaching Staff Quarters,

5. G+9 Non-Teaching Staff Quarters,

6. G+6 Nurses’ Quarters,

7. G+1 Autopsy Block, and,

8. Ancillary Buildings

Planning and designing of Jaduberia campus is approved. The construction works is to start soon.

Site 2: Uluberia Subdivisional Hospital campus

It is situated over 15.36 acres of land (Address: Uluberia Sub Divisional Hospital, Mouja- Latibpur, L R No: 433, P. O- Uluberia, Dist- Howrah). This site houses the 450 bedded hospital, nursing training school, hospital staff quarters and other support service facilities. This hospital is being developed as the associated teaching hospital of the college with its expansion and up-gradation of infrastructure. It is situated on Station Road and is very near to Uluberia railway station. A new G + 7 teaching hospital building is being developed in this campus to create various facilities and to add another 220 beds to the existing bed strength of the hospital. Its construction work is in progress.